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Major Enhancements to MV Lines Management Practice

In this period of financial and commercial constraint, with the associated pressure to improve distribution line reliability with less available budget and sometimes less workforce numbers, there are very few technical solutions available in the market place today to assist in Distribution line management. Distribution Fault Anticipation (DFA) is new to Australasia but is expected to have a major impact on distribution line management practices.

DFA uses continuous wave form analysis to detect the discrete signatures associated with failing line hardware, providing the user with warning that enables remedial action often before the customer has noticed a problem. The product was developed out of industry need and a desire to improve performance and safety and is backed by solid research and extensive field trials in the US. Now available in Australasia, this technology is expected to have a wide application and will assist utilities to improve efficiency and reliability providing better outcomes for customers and shareholders.

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Source: Transformer & Distribution, October/November 2015

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