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Pickwick Electric Cooperative, a distribution company headquartered in Selmer, Tennessee, has been involved in the development of DFA technology and has utilized it in its distribution system for more than a decade. Over that time DFA has demonstrated a range of benefits to PEC staff, crews, and customer-members.

DFA helps improve crew safety and public safety. Without DFA, crews respond to outages and other customer complaints, at any time of the day or night. With DFA we often can proactively determine the nature and general location of a pending failure and dispatch crews on blue sky conditions, leading to improvements in work place safety, customer service delivery levels, and operational efficiencies. The DFA’s ability to detect and diagnose line component failures also contributes to greater public safety. DFA also helps us as an industry understand failure events better, and that understanding can help improve line design best practices.

Deployment of DFA could not be more straightforward – one substation device per circuit, connected to conventional CTs and PTs, communicating via Internet, with browser-based access to DFA data. Pickwick looks forward to DFA’s continued role in our system.

John Bowers, President.

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